Thursday, May 6, 2010


Ok, so...there is good news and bad news. Bad news first? Ok well....I havent gotten any packages from friends or family that was sent to me, well I did get ONE from my mom but that was back in November. I almost gave up on the mailing system here, but I had friends who were getting packages, so I decided to test a diff address. Michael let me use his address to see if a package my mom sent would go through...and here is the GOOD news...IT DID!! The package my mom sent got here in TWO MONTHS! It made my MONTH to get this package!! So, please, I hope you havent given up on the system because getting ANYTHING in the mail is SO wonderful, truly it is. And Im sorry for the fact that I havent gotten the other things that you prob put much love into, lets pray those are just...delayed and I will eventually get them (pray they werent TOO lost or stolen!) BUT the new address is:

Amanda James, PCV
Corpo da Paz
C.P 130
Quelimane, Mozambique
So, send me something to this, and I bet Ill get it soon!! =) Will of course let you know!! ps. sorry this is a brief message but I will try to write a better, more detailed blog next time (like my friend Michael, who is so good at keeping up with his blog, even adding crazy things to it, like a chappa clock, things im not nerdy enough to know how to do) =) lol all in love...all in love!

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